Monday, January 24, 2011

Driving in DC

Driving in DC... Well, let's see...what can I's just CRAZY out here. The streets for one aren't the nicely organized coordinates that Utah goes by. I have no idea how people got around in this place before GPS. Every street is different and sometimes one street has more than one name and there are small streets and curvy streets everywhere! It's just one crazy street mess. Then, the people here are not very patient with newcomers. I haven't had any major incidents yet, but I've quickly learned that DC people are busy busy people. What's even scarier is that I'm soon to be one of them:)


  1. It sounds like the streets in Guatemala. :) For the rough, tough, and crazy.

  2. oh wow. this sounds crazy. make sure you plan the best you can so you aren't rushing to new places. we want you back in one piece.