Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dinner with Megan

My friend Megan is the best. She has been such a great friend. She is so willing to help and so fun to be around. I am so lucky to have met her. We were introduced by a mutual friend and we first met through the phone and now that I live here, she is in my ward and I'm always wishing that I had more free to time to spend with her. She is the type of person you would like to hang out with for fun. Last week we went to dinner. Megan treated me to dinner. I met her at her place and then we took the path next to her house and walked for a few minutes (enjoying the sun and the conversation) down to the Vienna Inn. This restaurant is one of the best. I ordered a quesadilla. The price was way low and the atmosphere was way relaxed and almost contradictory to the usual DC standard. I loved it! We had so much fun eating and talking about good sightseeing and monuments and memorials to visit. Our walk back home was fun too. I got scared a couple of times since it was dark. It was the perfect dinner outing. And I still got home in time to take a shower and get some sleep:)

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